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The Chillicothe Discipleship bible study group is an intra-denominational fellowship for students in high school and college that meets at 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm in Chillicothe, Ohio. Currently we are meeting on Monday and Thursday evenings. About once a month, we make an exception when there is a conflict with Chrysalis Hoots (which normally fall on the fourth Thursday of each month, see when for Hoot dates). Sign up for the discybership email list below to get notifications of meeting date/time/location changes (if the weather prevents us from meeting at our normal location, we may move the bible study to another location in town).

Each week the discussion is led by a volunteer youth member who selects the topic and supporting materials/scripture. Meetings include a discussion on the weekly topic, sharing of joys and concerns, and prayer. Parents are always welcome to come to our weekly meetings.

The Light Brigade

The Light Brigade was created to allow all Discipleship members to share prayer concerns daily.

Currently not active

Please introduce yourself after you join the phone conference. After everyone shares concerns for the day, one member will close with a prayer.


Dis"cyber"ship is an extension of Discipleship, created to share with those Discipleship members who've moved on to college or away from the area. Discybership is sometimes used to share summaries of Discipleship discussion, share joys and concerns, pass along activities and event information, and when possible, give Discybership members an opportunity to respond to topics in advance. For more information or to be added/removed from the Discybership list, please go to the Discybership Yahoo Group

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Discipleship General Information

  • Adult Leadership and Parental Participation
  • Making Payments
  • Scholarships for Events
  • Participation Expectations
  • Emergency Contacts

Adult Leadership and Parental Participation: Parents are always welcome at Discipleship activities and encouraged to help out. Whenever we have overnight activities, boys sleep separately from girls and adults sleep separately from youth. All Discipleship events are Christian activities, so participants are expected to behave accordingly.

Payments: The easist way to pay for a Discipleship activity is to use and charge the cost to your credit card. Follow this link if you don't already have a PayPal account. Send payments to Bill McKell's email address. Otherwise, you can pay in cash or bring a check made out to Bill McKell.

Scholarships: Those who may not be able to afford the entire cost of an activity may apply for a scholarship. See Bill or Alan for more details. Scholarships are also available for Chrysalis.

Participation Expectations: These are Christian activities, so everyone, including guests, are expected to behave accordingly. In general, remember we are Christians and we are to behave in a manner which represents Christ. There may be more specific behaviors for some activities, such as the Ichthus Festival event rules. Please wear

Emergency Contacts: Follow the links below for specific events, but in general you can contact one of these adult leaders on their PCS phones: Bill McKell @ 740-703-8289, Peggy McKell @ 740-703-1901, Alan Cook @ 740-703-2526.

Discipleship Events (in addition to weekly bible studies) throughout the year include:

Skiing Trips The Discipleship group organizes at least three trips during the winter months. Our typical destination is Holiday Valley in Ellicottville, New York because of the good skiing conditions and their ease of working with large groups. We also have a good relationship with the Little Valley United Methodist Church which provides us accommodations on Friday and Saturday nights and a place to worship on Sunday morning. In the past we have also been able to do some activities on Saturday night with the youth group from Little Valley UMC. Some groups that accompany us on different trips are the youth from Trinity United Methodist Church, the junior high and the senior high from Faith Community United Methodist Church. We set the dates for skiing trips in the fall at a Discipleship meeting that allows students to bring their school/activity calendars and plan weekends that have the least conflicts.

SKI TRIP DETAILS: We leave from the Trinity UMC parking lot on Friday night between 5-6pm and return to Chillicothe on Sunday night around 8pm. We will either drop off kids at their homes or call ahead for rides to meet us at the church. The costs for the weekend are kept low because of our group accommodations at the church and current rates for ski/snowboard rentals/lift tickets/lesson packages will be emailed out prior to the trip. Everyone has the option to pack food or purchase meals (food at the lodge is expensive and can cost $5-10 for one meal). A participation fee (typically $10) is collected from everyone to cover gas/transportation, breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday (donuts and milk/juice) and a donation to the church. We will make one stop at a fast food restaurant on Friday night and Sunday afternoon. We will be at the lodge for Saturday lunch and dinner and typically a few order pizza on Saturday night upon returning to the church. If you are under 18, a permission slip is needed. You can get one at Discipleship. The trips will include both male and female adult leaders. We are always excited to have other adults attend, so parents are welcome to participate or just help with the driving. Most sleeping is done on bare floors, so sleeping bags and some kind of pads (Thermorest inflatable mattress pads are the most comfortable and space conscious) are needed. On all trips, boys sleep separately from girls and adults separately from youth. You are welcome to invite friends. However, if they have not participated regularly in Discipleship or other activities with Bill McKell, Peggy McKell or Alan Cook, please check with the Discipleship adults first (or start bringing them to Discipleship so we can meet them). Siblings are welcome as long as they are in 6th grade or above (or younger, if parents are attending). These are Christian activities, so everyone, including guests, is expected to behave accordingly. A time of devotions will be included at each event. There are no showers at the church, but the resort has showers in the restrooms. Plan on bringing soap, shampoo, change of clothing and a towel to the resort.

Emergency Contact Information for Skiing: Here are some contact numbers for the weekend. Please pass them on to anyone who might need to get a hold of you over the weekend. With the exception of reaching us in the car, please try to contact us only in an actual emergency. The Sprint phones listed below are supposed to roam in Pennsylvania and New York.. Please try Bill's or Alan's numbers first. If you get voice mail, leave a message, but (if it's a real emergency) also try the numbers below. We are hard to reach at Little Valley UM Church in Little Valley, NY. The phone number there is 716-938-6150. If we are there, we may or may not be able to answer the phone. You can try the number at night (1:00 a.m. - 8:00a.m. Sat and 11:00 p.m. Sat - 11:00 a.m. Sun) and see if we answer. There is a machine that will answer if we don't, but we won't have access to the machine since it's in a locked office. You may want to call the number twice in case we may have access to the phone, but couldn't get to it before the machine picked up the call. In a true emergency, call Harriet Schauman (Church Secretary) at 716-938-6104. That's her home number, but she could drive to the church and get us if necessary. You should also be able to reach us during the day at Holiday Valley (716-699-2345) in Ellicottville, NY. It will make things easier if you ask for group sales. Tell them you are trying to contact "Chillicothe Discipleship" led by Bill McKell. We should be sitting in the group eating area on the second floor of the main lodge. Several people often do not ski and sit with our gear, so someone from the group should be in that area most of the time. Mobile phone numbers for those going on each trip will be mailed out, but may include Bill McKell @ 740-703-8289, Peggy McKell @ 740-703-1901, Alan Cook @ 740-703-2526, or Nancy Gomez (with the Faith Community UMC trips) @ 513-227-7479.


Discipleship/Family Picnic On Memorial Day weekend we hold our annual end of the school year picnic for families of those involved in Discipleship. This event is also open to anyone interested in joining Discipleship and, especially, 8th graders who are leaving middle school to become high school students. Each family brings a covered dish (or chips, etc) and provides their own meat (we have an open grill for everyone to cook on).


Lamp Lighter Leadership Program Lamp Lighter's purpose is to take older, core Discipleship students and help them develop a deeper walk with Christ and establish a personal ministry. Those interested should fill out an application and participation will be by invitation only. Lamp Lighter is held over a weekend during the summer.


Unlimited Sharing Retreat Unlimited Sharing, a group of college Christians from Ohio Northern University, conducts a youth retreat at Trinity United Methodist Church in Chillicothe on a weekend in early December. It is a wonderful weekend of fun, fellowship and spiritual growth. Several youth groups in addition to Discipleship participate in this unique event. We have well over 50 participants each year, so register early! It is truly a highlight event for the year. Please plan to join us! Unlimited Sharing was formed in 1980 after a group of students was asked to conduct a retreat program for a church in Indiana. The experience was so phenomenal that the students asked the University to sponsor a team of students designed to help youth groups throughout the area conduct retreats. The team was named Unlimited Sharing and it has been conducting fantastic retreat programs ever since. The Unlimited Sharing team always looks forward to coming back to Chillicothe.

Retreat Details: The cost (which will be emailed out in the fall) for the retreat include meals and snacks. Please dress comfortably for the weekend. The church may be chilly at times, so dress accordingly (sweaters, sweatshirts, etc.). We will be leaving the church for an outdoor experience Saturday afternoon. Please have shoes, jacket, etc. appropriate for a walk in the woods. Bring a pillow and sleeping bag or sheets and blanket. Mattresses will be provided for those who do not have access to a sleeping pads. Showers are available at the church, so bring towel and toilet articles. Be sure to bring your Bible with a notebook and pen. We will join the church for Sunday worship. Dress for worship may be casual, but should look neat and acceptable. Each group will provide both male and female adult chaperones in addition to the Unlimited Sharing counselors. Parents are welcome to join us. During the weekend, boys will room separately from girls and adults separately from youth. Friends and siblings are welcome as long as they are in 6th grade or above. This is a Christian activity, so everyone, including guests, is expected to behave accordingly. The program assumes that each youth will be present the whole time, so please do everything possible to free your schedule for the entire weekend.


New Year's Eve Party The first year of Discipleship, an "alternative" New Year's Eve celebration was held to give high school students a safe place to ring in the new year without any pressure to drink. This tradition is now an overnight event because of unsafe roads with increased drunk drivers leaving parties. After midnight we share Christian New Year's resolutions and float candles on the lake/ice. Each Disciplehship member should bring one food item (bag of chips, brownies, etc). Also, those coming should bring gear for sleeping on the floor (sleeping bag, pillow, etc) and a note from parents if they are planning to return home before morning.

Some pictures from New Year's 2000-2001

Each discipleship member put their favorite bible verse on their "lantern" and shared a Christian New Year's resolution.

With the lake frozen over, we placed the candles in a "cross" pattern on the ice that was visible from the house throughout the night.

"Come follow me and I shall make you fishers of men." Matthew 4:19

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