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Who is Alan Wayne Cook?

Alan Cook
Me at work (Oct 2002)
DOB: October 17, 1967, 8:37am
Birthplace: Chillicothe Hospital, Chillicothe, Ohio
Marital Status: Happily married to Lauri (Swaney) Cook since March 26, 2005
Proud Parents of Rylie Elizabeth, born July 4, 2007 @ 10:12pm
ICQ# 40779923
AOL/Instant Messenger: alancookie
Yahoo Messenger: alancookie
MSN Messenger:
Excellent multi-chat (ICQ/AOL/IM/Yahoo/MSN/Jabber) program for Macintosh OS X, download Adium
Facebook page
MySpace page (Yes, I's an HTML playground for morons)
Twitter username:
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GoogleVoice: 775.538.ALAN (2526)
eFax: 425.732.8267
Send faxes to this number and they'll show up in my email.
Radio: KC8DYE
Latitude: 39 deg 18' 34" N
Longitude: 83 deg 3' 40" W
Eagle Scout
Order of the Arrow, Vigil Honor Award
Frontierman: 3 Claws and red beads...grrrrrrrrr!!!
National Scout Jamboree 1981
Wisconsin National High Adventure Base 1982
Philmont 1983, 1985, 1988, 1990
Florida Sea Base 1986 (Scuba Certification)
Australian National Scout Jamboree 1992, 1995
People To People Student Ambassador Program: Delegation Leader Exploring Australia 2001, British Isles 2002, Exploring the South Pacific 2003, Exploring Australia 2004, 2012, Exploring Australia 2005, Yosemite Adventure 2006, Tale of Two Cities (London/Paris) 2009, 2011, 2014, Wonders of the Canadian West, 2010
Greater Southern Ohio Emmaus Men's Walk #4, Table of John, team on #10
Southern Ohio Chrysalis, Team on flights #11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 (lay director on flight 16)
Favorite Movies:
imdb W Cinema Paradiso
imdb W Fried Green Tomatoes
imdb W Meatballs
imdb W The Shawshank Redemption
imdb W The Usual Suspects
imdb W Terminator 2
imdb W Dead Poets Society
imdb W Catch Me If You Can
imdb W Amélie
imdb W Lost in Translation
imdb W The Matrix
imdb W The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
imdb W The Princess Bride
imdb W Raiders of the Lost Ark
imdb W Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
imdb W The Sixth Sense
imdb W Toy Story
imdb W Whale Rider
Favorite TV Shows (Ended):
imdb W tv Northern Exposure
imdb W tv Seinfeld
imdb W tv Brooklyn South
imdb W tv The War at Home
imdb W tv The Shield
imdb W tv Monk
imdb W tv Journeyman
imdb W tv Aliens in America
imdb W tv Life
imdb W tv The 4400
imdb W tv The Riches
imdb W tv The Sopranos on A&E
imdb W tv The Dead Zone
imdb W tv Deadwood
imdb W tv Life on Mars
imdb W tv Reaper
imdb W tv Worst Week
imdb W tv Hank
imdb W tv Back to You
imdb W tv Law & Order
imdb W tv Nip/Tuck
imdb W tv Lost
imdb W tv 'Til Death
imdb W tv FlashForward
Favorite TV Shows (Current):
imdb W tv Law & Order: Criminal Intent
imdb W tv Rescue Me
imdb W tv The O'Reilly Factor
imdb W tv Psych
imdb W tv House M.D.
imdb W tv Damages
imdb W tv Burn Notice
imdb W tv Mad Men
imdb W tv Kath & Kim
imdb W tv The Office
imdb W tv White Collar
imdb W tv Better Off Ted
imdb W tv Life on Mars (UK)
imdb W tv Ashes to Ashes
imdb W tv Fringe
imdb W tv Sons of Anarchy
imdb W tv Breaking Bad
imdb W tv In Plain Site
imdb W tv Eureka
imdb W tv The New Adventures of Old Christine
imdb W tv Warehouse 13
imdb W tv Community
imdb W tv The Middle
imdb W tv Castle
Do I watch too much TV? Probably...TiVo is addictive
Favorite Singers/group:
W Michael W. Smith
W Shania Twain
W Amy Grant
W Stephen Curtis Chapman
W Jars of Clay
W Casting Crowns
W David Crowder Band
Favorite Radio Shows:
W The Glenn Beck Show
W Gary Burbank
W The Troubleshooter
W Bruce Williams
W John Corby
W John Gibson
W Shawn Hannity
Positive:          Negative:
God                Evil
SKI                Diet SKI
Apple              Microsoft
Nutella            Vegemite
Mountains          Cities
Chinese food       Korean food
Country Music      Rap/HipHop
Nights             Mornings
A&E                QVC
Law & Order        CSI
Blue squares       Black diamonds
Omnivores          Vegetarians
Adobe GoLive       Microsoft FrontPage
Australia          Long plane rides
Cardo's (Waverly)  Fred's Pizza (Waverly)
Coke Zero          Red Bull
Splenda or Equal   Sweet'N Low
 through Peace     Peace through Strength
Informal           Formal
Emergent           Traditional
Grace              Legalism
Buckeyes           Wolverines
Stem cell research Diabetes mellitus
TiVo               Commercials
AM/XM talk radio   Pop music
Why a list of clothing? Because I'm most comfortable in jeans and a tshirt and because I'm picky about what I wear, too. Maybe because I've received several gifts that have gone unworn.
T-shirts Size L (short sleeve and any color except black)
Dress shirts, 16-34 (button down collar/long sleeve preferred) Eddie Bauer
Pants, 32x34 (Levi jeans: authentic stonewashed 555 or 509 or Bills Khakis)
Socks, white crew tube preferred
Shoes, size 9.5 (currently wearing LLBean Gore-Tex Mountain Treads Low)
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This is online page where you can keep yourself organized:
Backpack: Get Organized and Collaborate
Assistant Professor
University of Rio Grande
218 N. College Ave.
Rio Grande, Ohio 45574 USA
740.245.7123 fax
Sales & Support Admin
GeekJam Software, LLC
1200 N. Bridge Street, Suite F #177
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601 USA
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